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Complete Cucumber Course For Beginners

Cucumber Course For Beginners Introduction

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What will students be able to do at the end of this section?

You will learn the objectives of this course and whether this is a course for you

In this introduction to the Complete Course (Tutorial) of Cucumber for #Java I introduce the basic concepts related to #BDD and how they are related to Cucumber #Gherkin.

Detailed lesson syllabus:

 1) Definition of Behavior Driven Design #BDD

 2) Definition of Gherkin

 3) Gherkin Dialects

 4) Programming languages used to implement Gherkin Dialects

 5) Definition of Gherkin/Cucumber steps

 6) Definition of Gherkin/Cucumber implementation steps

 7) Definition of Gherkin/Cucumber expressions

 8) Mapping of Gherkin/Cucumber step to step implementation in #Java

 9) Definition of the fundamental Cucumber/Gherkin keywords: “Given”, “When” “Then”

 10) Definition of Scenario and its syntax

 11) Definition of Background and its syntax

 12) Definition of comments and its syntax